Future Velodrome

The last phase of the Cycle Park is to create an outdoor velodrome.  A velodrome is a banked track with two 180 degree bends connected by straights.  Specialized fixed gear bikes without brakes are used to ride on this kind of oval.


Colorado Springs, CO velodrome


Utah is a leader in the outdoor sports industry featuring many opportunities and facilities for active recreation and is home to many top athletes in various sports.  Cycling is one of those top sports.   We have many opportunities for mountain biking and road racing and host the now famous Tour of Utah, but we lack any kind of track racing venue.  The closest velodromes to us are in California, Colorado, and Oregon.   There is real void of in the intermountain-west and we would like to fill that void.

track world map

There are currently about 24 velodromes operating in the United States and more than 800 worldwide.


The location of the track is approximately 4,600 feet above sea level, which will make it one of the faster tracks in the country. In this high altitude, the air is thin enough that world records can be broken – but not too high to be a limiting aerobic factor. Currently, the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns, Utah, holds many of the world records in speed skating, which is attributed to its elevation.

The Salt Lake Valley also has an Olympic history and is currently home to the “world’s fastest” ice skating oval (the Utah Olympic Oval), a ski jumping and bobsled facility (Utah Olympic Park) and is home to many Olympic and professional athletes. Furthermore, Draper is within thirty minutes of our international airport, allowing easy access for national and international competitions.


Link to flyover video for velodrome

in_lineIn-line skating is also going to be part of the velodrome construction with a dedicated area for racing.